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How we are different ? - Your dog just doesn't stay in a kennel all day. Dogs get to be dogs to run play and explore 3 fully fenced secured acres . Socializing with other dogs. If it's raining they have an enclosed covered barn area to stay comfy and dry yet still roam a little.

Overnight getaway

Your best buddy gets a full size 5x10 ft kennel to relax in. Comes with comfy cot and room for blankets and toys.

Ranch and Home Care

We also offer farm animal care ( Horses, chickens ) or in your home pet care. Our experienced Ranch hands can take of most any chore that you need. All pricing for these services depends on the level of care that's needed !


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Give your pet a vacation!

It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

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Sunday: 12pm - 5pm  Pick up only